What distinguishes Cheers ZMB6 from the competition?

zmb6 dla sportowców

It would seem that dietary supplements for athletes and people who are particularly physically active, due to their nature, as targeted at a more conscious audience, should be distinguished by the highest quality and purity of ingredients. How does it look in practice? What distinguishes the ZMB6 by Cheers? What can we find in competitive products?


Competitive supplements with magnesium

Dietary supplements we have looked at most often contain magnesium oxide, zinc aspartate, pyridoxine hydrochloride – vitamin B6, magnesium salts of fatty acids, gelatin or E 171 dye.

In competing products, we deal with magnesium stearate as well as the E171 dye, i.e. titanium dioxide. The organic form of zinc is a plus (although it is not the best-absorbed form). We usually dealt with 400 mg of magnesium per daily dose. It might seem like a lot, so where’s the catch?

What makes the ZMB6 Cheers different?

Of course, Cheers ZMB6 does not contain any artificial additives. Together with vitamin B6, we find magnesium citrate and zinc citrate. In this case, citrates will be crucial for the result of the comparison. They are one of the best organic forms with the highest bioavailability. Comparing our supplement with competitors, we admit that when it comes to zinc and vitamin B6, manufacturers usually live up to the challenge, but what about the main ingredient of this type of supplement, i.e. magnesium?

Here the situation is completely different. Looking at its amount in our product (320 mg in a daily dose), you can erroneously conclude that it is worse. However, the bioavailability of the active ingredient is at stake here. We are dealing here with an almost extreme example – magnesium from the oxide is absorbed only in 4%, so it is easy to count that from the 400 mg consumed, we will provide the body with … 16 mg. Meanwhile, the bioavailability of magnesium citrate in Cheers ZMB6 is around 90%.

The numbers speak for themselves and clearly show that the Cheers ZMB6 dietary supplement is much more absorbed by the body than competing products that promise a higher dose of magnesium.

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