What makes Cheers Hair Formula stand out on the hair supplement market?

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Hair Formula is a unique product in the Cheers line, because it is not a strictly pro-health supplement, but aimed at a specific action, which is hair growth and strenghtening. However, the action of Cheers Hair Formula does not end there – its ingredients also improve the condition of the skin and nails and are a source of silicon, necessary for the construction of connective tissue.

Hair Formula is an absolutely innovative preparation, therefore in its case direct comparison with any other product is impossible. However, it will be possible to compare the effectiveness of one of the ingredients of the most popular hair growth preparations on the market, decisive for its effectiveness proven in research.

Plant extracts in Hair Formula

Let’s start with the three natural extracts found in Hair Formula. Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense L.) is a real treasure trove of silicon, supporting the production of collagen, essential for the tissues found in hair, skin, and nails. Another one is bamboo stem extract, also containing silicon in the most absorbable form in nature. Bamboo stems also contain amino acids, minerals, saccharides, proteins, and vitamins. The last one is the South American saw palmetto extract (Serenoa repens), the fruits of which are a natural source of phytosterols and fatty acids, and support the natural process of hair growth and help to maintain it in proper condition.

Each capsule of Cheers Hair Formula also contains a set of micronutrients, consisting of zinc, biotin, and the best-absorbed form of selenium, ensuring hair strength and elasticity.

Phosphatidic acid is beneficial to hair

The real star in the composition of Hair Formula, however, is another substance, unprecedented in hair growth products available on the market. It is phosphatidic acid (PA). This compound, obtained from soy lecithin in the process of enzymatic hydrolysis, has the right to become a hit soon due to its effectiveness. Research (Takahashi & al, JID 2003) has shown that it is almost twice as effective in supporting hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles, compared to the most popular on the market and recognized as effective minoxidil.

Cheers Hair Formula is the only such preparation on the market, and its effectiveness is confirmed by an increasing number of consumers. It is impossible not to notice that the Hair Formula hair supplement is the most effective product on the market, which strengthens the hair, reduces hair loss, and has a beneficial effect on nails and skin.

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