What makes Cheers Vitamins Day & Minerals Night Multivitamin stand out?


Multivitamins are the most popular supplements in the world. Due to the number of active ingredients, it is relatively difficult to put them in one row and compare them in other respects than the active substances contained in the composition and possible additives. We will be the first to present the set of vitamins developed by us, and then we will compare it with other products on the market.

Cheers Vitamins Day and Minerals Night

Vitamins Day & Minerals Night is a product we are particularly proud of. Our goal was to create the best, most complete set of vitamins and minerals on the market. During the work on the composition, we came to the conclusion that we can go a step further and, thanks to a few additives, make it have an even wider pro-health effect for the consumer.

Vitamins and minerals

The first thing that should be emphasized is the fact that Vitamins Day & Minerals Night contains as many as 12 vitamins and 7 minerals, in doses covering 100% of the daily requirement for these substances. Due to the fact that in many cases the NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) values ​​have long been considered obsolete, the dose of vitamin C, niacin and pantothenic acid is as much as 250% of the NRV.

It is also hard to find a product on the market that, apart from such a complete list of vitamins, would contain an equally wide list of minerals as Minerals Night, a set complementary to Vitamins Day. We find here magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, iodine, copper and zinc, and one unique supplement, which we will describe below. Vitamins Day & Minerals Night is a unique product also due to the form of two separate capsules and the method of application. Vitamins Day is a set of vitamins aimed at ensuring maximum vitality and perfect functioning during the day, while Minerals Night, used in the evening, is to provide the body with substances ensuring adequate rest and regeneration at night. This formula has been exceptionally appreciated by the users of our supplement.

Plant extracts and GABA

To create the best product on the market, the Vitamins Day & Minerals Night composition also includes the aforementioned unique additives. Vitamins Day contains three standardized, natural plant extracts: Red Ginseng, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea. They have a wide range of activities, including a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, supporting the functioning of the immune system, improving mood, concentration and well-being.

It is worth noting that ginseng, ashwagandha and rosary preparations are sold by most manufacturers as stand-alone products. In the case of Cheers Vitamins Day & Minerals Night, they are an added value for the consumer. Vitamins Day also contains citrus bioflavonoids, which are strong antioxidants, i.e. compounds with antioxidant properties, whose task is to protect cells against free radicals.

Minerals Night, apart from the seven minerals, contains something special. This is GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). GABA supplementation is recommended to all people leading an intense lifestyle and exposed to stress, which is often the cause of problems with falling asleep. As with extracts, GABA is usually on the market as a standalone product, in Cheers Minerals Night it is an added value increasing the effectiveness of our supplement.

Competitive dietary supplements

For comparison, we will present substances that we found in competing products: cellulose; magnesium carbonate (magnesium); L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C); zinc gluconate (zinc); hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; mg iron (II) fumarate (iron); magnesium salts of fatty acids; titanium dioxide; nicotinic acid amide (niacin); silicon dioxide; copper (II) gluconate (copper); pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate); polyethylene glycol, polyvinylpyrrolidone; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12); riboflavin (vitamin B2); pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6); thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1); Allura Red AC; fatty acids; D-biotin (biotin); riboflavin.

Once again, we are dealing with a wide list of harmful additives. In some products, the list included even 12 active substances, while in the case of Vitamins Day & Minerals Night, we have 23 of them, almost twice as many. It should also be noted the incomparably higher doses of active substances.

Once again, the result of the comparison is indisputable. Our multivitamin is a complete product that supports the body around the clock by providing the right portion of perfectly selected vitamins and minerals. When choosing a multivitamin, it is worth reaching for a supplement that will provide the right dose of as many active ingredients as possible. Why overpay and buy several different supplements when you can choose a complete multivitamin with the highest bioavailability?

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