What sets Cheers apart from most other supplements on the market?

It might seem that a supplement is equal to a supplement, and a vitamin is just a vitamin. Consumers today are attacked by aggressive, suggestive advertisements for cheap supplements from all sides, which often promise amazing effectiveness at an extremely attractive price. Tempted by advertising, they reach for such products, eventually being disappointed and considering the use of supplements as pointless. Advertising and price are usually the criteria that determine the choice of products.

Meanwhile, there are a number of factors that determine the effectiveness of supplements that are usually not taken into account by a consumer stunned by advertising. Cheers took a completely different direction and model of activities, focusing only on the highest-quality formulas and natural raw materials, As a result, using our supplements really will provide you with the health benefits you need.

So what are the differences between Cheers products and other supplements on the market?

Capsule – the carrier of the supplement

First of all, we will focus on an issue that is practically never taken into account, while it is essential for the effectiveness of a supplement. Most of the supplements available on the market are closed in ordinary, gel capsules. It cannot be said that they are harmful in any way, but two important facts should be emphasized.

Firstly, due to the use of gelatin produced from bone meal, they cannot be consumed by vegans and vegetarians. The second issue is even more important: ordinary, gel food capsules are not able to guarantee the proper release of the active substances contained in the supplement.

As one of the few manufacturers on the supplement market, Cheers uses the patented V-Caps Plus capsules in its products. These are capsules of the highest quality of a pharmaceutical standard, meeting the stringent requirements and distinguishing themselves both by the substances used in their production and by the action profile. They dissolve in an even and stable manner, guaranteeing the proper release of active substances, regardless of the pH of the environment.

Compared to ordinary gel capsules, they are also characterized by lower moisture content, thanks to which the active ingredients sensitive to this aspect remain stable for longer, and thus – effective. Vcaps Plus are HPMC capsules, produced without the use of gelling agents, which makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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