Why are Cheers Omega 3 the best fatty acids on the market?

kwasy omega 3 marki Cheers

The health-promoting effect of omega-3 fatty acids is really broad. They constitute 60% of the fats necessary for the brain, contribute to the improvement of the lipid profile by lowering the level of triglycerides and the normalization of blood pressure. DHA and EPA are also involved in maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system and eyesight. The main source of obtaining them is fish, so it seems that this relatively simple process does not allow you to create a supplement to which you have any objections.

Competitive omega-3 supplements

What can we find in competitive products? These will usually be glycerol and fish oil at dosages around 1000 mg. So it seems that the consumer is getting a perfectly decent product. However, if we look at the given content of specific omega-3 acids, it turns out that not necessarily, because the EPA content is usually 170-200 mg, DHA is 115-150 mg per capsule. Usually, the compared dietary supplements also lacked information about the species and place of the catch of the fish from which the oil was obtained, and it is known that the cleanliness of the fishery is a key issue.

Cheers Omega 3 fatty acids

The fish oil from which the omega-3 fatty acids in the Cheers supplement are obtained comes from fish families such as anchovy, horse mackerel, herring, gout, salmon, and mackerel fish caught in the cleanest waters of Iceland. Each batch undergoes detailed and rigorous tests for the presence of any contamination, which ensures the indisputably highest quality of the raw material.

The content of EPA and DHA acids in our supplement is much higher than that of the competition. We find here 330 mg of EPA and 220 mg of DHA in each capsule.

Omega 3 fatty acids in the Cheers supplement are obtained using a molecular method that guarantees the highest quality of the obtained active substance. Thanks to modern methods of obtaining fatty acids, we can boast a product that significantly exceeds the quality of omega-3 preparations available on the market.

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